important nursing exam questions and answers

Imp. Nursing Exam Ques. and Ans.

Important Nursing Exam Questions and Answers

1. Syphilis caused by —Treponema pallidum
2. Zika virus spread by —Aedes
3. Fetal movement in a day —10 movements in 2 hour
4. In TORCH meaning of H? —Herpes Simplex
5. HIV caused by —Retro virus
6. Positive test for HIV —Elisa (+ve), Western Blot (Confirm)
7. Low set ear seen in —Down Syndrome
8. Complications of otitis media—Brain Abscess
9. Diabetic inspidus caused by — ADH
10. Insensible water loss —500 to 800 ml
11. Blood pH —7.4 (7.35 – 7.45)
12. Richest source of Vit. B12 —Brocoli/Non-Veg.
13. Basic physiology of Maslow’s Hierarchy theory —Food, Water, Air, Shelter
14. Side effect of mifepristone at labour —Haemorrhage
15. Most common side effect of ECT —Nausea, Headache, Confusion
16. Drug for glaucoma —-Blocker
17. Signs and symptom of ulcerative colitis —Diarrhoea & Bloody Stools
18. Absorption of calcium in GI tract by —Vit.D
19. Site of IM injection for Infant —Vastus lateralis
20. Serum cholesterol level normal — <200 mg
21. Nursing priority of hypertension —Altered health maintenance
22. Lesson plan —relevant, deep, easily understand
23. Damage of 8th cranial nerve cause —Deafness
24. Side effect of streptomycin —8th cranial nerve damage
25. Dementia associated with —Memory loss
26. Fungal infection of scalp —Dandruff
27. Tinea Capitis is treatable antifungal medications
28. Cause of CAD —Cholestrol >200 mg/dl
29. Role of nurse in IPR communication —Establish Trust
30. Production of RBC at the level of —Stem cell
31. Cause of varicose vein — Prolong Standing
32. Population covered in PHC hilly area —20,000
33. Cause of hepatitis A —Food, water
34. Mitral regurgitation causes —Mitral valve prolapse
35. Fluid move from cell to plasma —Hypertonic
36. Contraindication of ECT —intracranial pressure
37. Low calcium level cause —Tetany
38. The most accurate pulse point in the body —Apical Pulse
39. Pulse oximetry determines percentage of hemoglobin carry O2
40. Each gram of hemoglobin contains —3.47 mg of iron
41. Vein inflammation —Phlebitis
42. Intussusception —Sausage-Shaped Mass
43. Guillain-Barre Syndrome —Ascending Muscles Weakness
44. S/S of Angina —Crushing, Stabbing pain (relieved by NTG)
45. Myocardial Infarction (MI) —Crushing, Stabbing pain radiating to left shoulder, neck, and arms (unrelieved by NTG).
46. S/S of Parkinson’s Disease —Pill-Rolling Tremors.
47. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection —Owl’s Eye Appearance of Cells (Huge Nucleus in Cells).
48. S/S of Glaucoma —Tunnel Vision.
49. Retinal Detachment —Flashes of Light, Shadow with Curtain across Vision.
50. Basilar Skull Fracture —Raccoon Eyes (Periorbital Ecchymosis). Battle’s Sign (Mastoid Ecchymosis).

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