Free Nursing Notes

Free Nursing Notes

The Nursing Competitive Examination is attempted by nursing aspirants from various areas and different parts of India. It is all about proper strategy, commitment, and consistent hard work in the right direction with relevant and reliable nursing notes study material. In order to cater to this need Nursing Study Material. Com provides you with free nursing notes and study material for various govt. staff nurse recruitment exams to enable students to prepare for the targeted exam with ease. Free nursing notes and study material will include short notes on nursing subjects, important liners, and MCQs.

Free Nursing Study Notes by our team is meant to provide you with crisp and comprehensive nursing material that would save the time and energy of the nursing aspirants and enable them to quickly cover the staff nurse syllabus.

1.The apex of the heart is formed mostly by theLeft Ventricle
2.Diabetes insipidus is caused by the deficiency of which of the following hormonesAntidiuretic Hormone
3.The name of the surgery in which there is removal of duodenum, head of pancreas, gall bladder and bile ducts is calledPancreatoduodenectomy
4.Bell's Palsy is a disorder of which cranial nerve7th (Facial Nerve)
5.The most common side effect of thrombolytic therapy isInternal Bleeding
6.The loss of urine resulting from cognitive or environmental factors is the manifestation ofFunctional Incontinence
7.The loss of ability to recognise objects is calledAgnosia
8.The cell- mediated immunity is carried out byT-lymphocytes
9.The lateral S - shaped curvature of the spine is calledScoliosis
10.Barium enema is used mainly for radiological examination of theColon
11.Electrolytes which help insulin to move into the cellsPotassium
12.Temperature of 98.7 Degree Fahrenheit is approximately equal to37.06 Degree Celsius.
13.Difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure is calledPulse Pressure
14.Weight in kg divided by square of height in metres is the formula to calculateBMI
15.Equipment is used for the examination of the earOtoscope
16.The specific gravity of the urine normally ranges approximately from1.01 to 1.025
17.HbA1c (Glycated Haemoglobin) value reflects the blood glucose levels in3 months
18.The sudden fall of temperature from high to normal within a few hours is calledTrue Crisis
19.The fever in which temperature remains above normal throughout the day and fluctuate more than 2 degree Fahrenheit is known asRemittent Fever
20.The site of pulse in the neck is calledCarotid Pulse
21.The gradual decrease in body's temperature after death is calledAlgor Mortis
22.The discolouration that appears in the dependent areas of the body after death is calledLivor Mortis
23.Kussmaul breathing is associated withDiabetic Ketoacidosis
24.Medication orders are for every other dayQ.O.D
25.Movement of the joints away from the mid-line of the body is calledAbduction
26.Cracking of lips is termed asCheilosis
27.Breathing that is normal in rate and depth is calledEupnoea
28.Stiffness in the body that occurs after 2 to 4 hrs after death is calledRigor Mortis
29.The disease that occurs due to the defect in the genes of one or other parent and is transmitted to the offspring is known asHereditary Disorder
30.Tonometry is the method of measuring theIntraocular Pressure
31.After a renal transplant, the rejection that occurs within minutes is calledHyper Acute Rejection
32.Drugs is used for the dilation of pupilTropicamide
33.The most serious complication of deep vein thrombosis is a blockage known asPulmonary Embolism
34.Painful swallowing is known asOdynophagia
35.The antidote of warfarin isVitamin K (Phytonadione)
36.The most common lung cancer seen in non-smokers isAdenocarcinoma
37.The presence of stones in the urinary tract is calledUrolithiasis
38.According to Erikson's eight stages of development, initiative vs. guilt takes place at3-5 Years
39.The plant 'Cannabis Sativa'is derived fromGanja
40.False sensory perception without real external stimulus is known asHallucination
41.The La Belle indifference is related toConversion Reaction
42.The disulfiram therapy is indicated inChronic Alcoholism
43.The condition where the uterus turns inside out is calledUterine Inversion
44.The most common genital prolapse isCystocoele
45.The graphical record of maternal and foetal data against time during labour on a single sheet of paper is calledUltra Sonogram
46.The shape of the brim in anthropoid pelvis isOval
47.The settling of foetal head into the brim of the pelvis is calledLightening
48.The most common cause of nonengagement at term in primigravida isCephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD)
49.The darkening of the skin over the forehead, bridge of nose or cheekbones during pregnancy is calledChloasma
50.Hormones is increased in Polycystic Ovarian SyndromeLuteinising Hormone (LH)
51.A normal umbilical cord containsTwo Arteries And One Vein
52.Oxygenated blood from placenta returns to the foetus via theInferior Vena Cava
53.The outer most membrane of placenta is calledChorion
54.Peg cells are seen in theFallopian Tubes
55.the most important tumour marker to diagnose carcinoma of ovaryCA 125
56.Postpartum haemorrhage is the condition in which there is loss of more than500ml Vaginal Blood
57.Most common cause of ophthalmic neonatorumNeisseria Gonorrhoea
58.An injury to the upper brachial plexus results inErb's Palsy
59.The most common type of leukaemia seen in children isAcute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL)
60.Number of  bones present in lower extremities in normal adult62
61.The expanded ends of a long bone are calledEpiphyses
62.Hormones inhibits release of growth hormoneSomatostatin
63.The autoclave which is used for sterilisation  invented byCharles Chamberland
64.The causative agent of Lyme disease isBorrelia Burgdorferi
65.Rod - shaped bacteria are calledBacillus
66.the father of sociologyAuguste Comte
67.The membrane lining surface of the lungs is known asVisceral Pleura
68.Intrinsic factor of castle is secreted byParietal Cells
69.Thiamine has been prescribed for an alcoholic patient. the rationale for administration of this, medication is the prevention ofWernicke - Korsakoff Syndrome
70.The situation in which individuals have excessive worry or belief that they are suffering from a physical illness despite lack of medical evidence is known as Somatoform Disorder
71.Disposal of expired and cytotoxic drugs is bySeparate Landfill Disposal
72.The ability of a person to readily recover from stressful situations is calledResilience
73.A method in which several rounds of questions are given to a panel of experts is calledDelphi Technique
74.The most common test between mucus and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from a nasal dischargeGlucose
75.Before the placenta functions the corpus luteum is the primary source of synthesis of which of the following hormonesEstrogen and Progesterone
76.An episiotomy is best done and commonly practiced inMediolaterally
77.The nurse evaluates the adequacy of the neonate’s oxygen by monitoringCyanosis Of Hands And Feet
78.Cretinism is due to deficiency ofThyroxine
79.The spread of toxic product in bloodstreamSepticemia
80.Ethical dilemmas can be best solved byCode Of Ethics For Nurses
81.A jerky pulse with full expansion and sudden collapse isCorrigan’s Pulse
82.The position used to assess the extension of the hip joint isSupine
83.Increased sweating leads toHyponatremia
84.Rapid administration of blood containing citrate causeHyperkalemia
85.Kwashiorkor occurs when the diet is severely deficient inProteins
86.The renal threshold for glucose is decreased inRenal Glycosuria
87."Profound mentally retarded" - when the IQ Score isBelow 20
88.The seat of glycolysis and pentose phosphate pathway isCytosol
89.Serial HCG Test is used to diagnoseChoriocarcinoma
90.Jaggery is rich inIron
91.Cleaning the bed sore has to be done fromOuter To Inner
92.Straining during defecation causesHaemorrhoids
93.Level of consciousness of a client is assess usingGCS Scale
94.The most common early symptom of laryngeal cancer isHoarseness of Voice
95.The most common AIDS related neoplasm isKaposi's Sarcoma
96.The light sensitive and pigmented layer of tissue in the eye isRetina
97.Complication of splenectomyPancreatitis
98.Amount of blood filtered in renal capsule per minute is known asGFR
99.Drug is used to prevent blood clotting during hemodialysis procedureHeparin
100.Outbreak of disease in bird populationEpornithic


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