Important Norcet Mcq

Important Norcet MCQ

1.When caring for an infant during cardiac arrest, which pulse must be palpated to determine cardiac functionBrachial
2. Sigmoidoscopy is done in which positionKnee chest position
3. The side-effect of nitroglycerin isHeadache 
4.The most rapid absorption of insulin occurs in
5.To avoid pulling the urinary catheter nurse should tape the catheter on a patient’s site isUpper thigh
6.A nurse observes palmar erythema and she understands that it is met withinHepatic failure
7. Deficiency of thyroxin in adults leads to a condition calledMyxoedema
8.Kernicterus, which may occur as a complication of jaundice, is a pathological condition Brain
9. During the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle, ovulation is caused by the secretion ofLuteinizing hormone
10.Nurse divulges private information about the patient to media is considered asAn intentional tort:
11.Tissues form lactic acid from glucose this phenomenon is termed asAnaerobic Glycolysis
12.Psychology as a ‘Science of Mind’ defined by Psychoanalysis 
13.A nurse needs to check the most important parameter if a patient is on magnesium sulfate therapyPresence of knee jerk reflex
14.WHO declared global eradication of smallpox on 8th May 1980
15.The system of storing and transporting vaccines is termed asCold Chain 
16.Total lung capacity in a newborn is150ml
17.Highest energy-yielding food group is Fats 
18.World diabetes day is celebrated on14th November
19.The nurse would expect to find in a newborn with birth asphyxia isAcidosis 
20. A woman is 37 weeks pregnant and she is bleeding profusely with no pain is suggestive ofAntepartum Haemorrhage
21.A cluster of polar flagella is calledLophotrichous
22.Gonadotrophins, estrogen, and progesterone hormones are responsible for  theMenstrual cycle
23. Normal adult hemoglobin contains2 Alpha & 2 Beta Chains
24.Schick test is used in confirming the diagnosis ofDiphtheria
25.Severe generalized edema is calledAnasarca 
26.A reduction in the total leukocytes count is calledLeucopenia
27.Father of psychoanalysisSigmund Freud 
28.Cerebrospinal fluid is secreted byChoroid plexus 
29.The most appropriate test to assess the prevalence of tuberculosis infection in the community isSputum Examination
30.An overgrowth of bones and soft tissues is seen inAcromegaly
31.The surgical removal of the entire contents of the orbit, including the eyeballs and eyelids isExenteration 
32.Amoebic dysentery is caused byEntamoeba Histolytica 
33.The isotope of Cobalt is used in the treatment for which of the diseaseCancer
34.Mode of inheritance is found in cystic fibrosis Autosomal Recessive Disorder
35.The first Nursing philosophy on health maintenance and restoration was established by Florence Nightingale
36.A group of ocular conditions characterized by optic nerve damage increased intraocular pressure, and associated vision loss is seen in patients with Glaucoma
37.The larynx is closed during swallowing byEpiglottis 
38.Graph is commonly used to represent frequency distributionHistogram 
39.Sperms are produced by the process of Spermatogenesis
40.The systematic evaluation of behaviour, emotion, and cognitive functions of an individual is known asMental Status examination
41.The arterial blood gas (ABG) analysis report shows that a decreased bicarbonate level and pH value denoteMetabolic Acidosis
42.Denotes one who never completed a pregnancy to the stage of viabilityNullipara 
43.Percentage does burns of genitalia constitutes by the rule of nines 1%
44.The Fifth Vital sign is Pain
45.Translating the message into verbal and non-verbal symbols to communicate to the receiver meansEncoding 
46.The innermost layer of the heart is calledEndocardium
47.Self care deficit theory developed byDorothea Orem
48.The process involved in the development of a mature ovum is calledOogenesis
49.Expected date of delivery is calculated by usingNaegele’s formula
50.The period between exposure to infection and the appearance of first symptoms is calledIncubation period 
51. Vaginal acidity is maintained byDoderlein bacilli 
52.The drug used for induction of labour isOxytocin
53.Myopia is corrected by usingConcave lens
54. Atropine sulphate is administered before Electroconvulsive therapyTo reduce secretions
55.The relationship between two or more variables is calledCorrelation 
56.Leprosy is also called asHansen’s Disease
57.A pattern of adjustment followed by an individual to relieve anxiety is known asDefence Mechanism 
58.Exclusive breastfeeding is given up to6 Months
59.Diuretics are given at what timeMorning 
60.Substance is used in FumigationPotassium Permanganate 
61. Diabetes insipidus’ is a deficiency of which hormone Vasopressin
62.A client with COPD has ‘secondary polycythemia’ the nursing diagnoses would beImpaired tissue perfusion related to thrombosis
63.Side effect of Haemophilic influenza Urticaria (Hives)
64.A client with a ventroperitoneal VP shunt present with a sign and symptoms of restlessness, headache, blurred vision, body ache, and wide pulse, pressure, the nurse should suspect the child has :Increase intracranial pressure
65.One of the complication of hyperemesis gravidarum isKorsakoffs Psychosis
66.Immunity is affected by HIV infection Cellular Immunity 
67. Alarm, resistance, and exhaustion are concepts related toGeneral Adaptation Syndrome
68.Weight of placenta is  500 gm
69.Mouth to mouth respiration provides which percentage of Oxygen 16%
70.Signs and symptoms indicates salicylate toxicityRinging in ears
71. Snellen’s Chart is read from a distance of20 feet
72. Most common ‘shock’ in children isHypovolemic
73.Most common cause of ‘acute otitis media’ isStreptococcus pneumoniae
74. When a post-operative patient develops evisceration what a nurse should doCover the Protruding Organs
75.Joint movement is restricted in a patient with pericapsulitis of the shoulderAdduction
76. Maternity nurse must be aware that screening for Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy is done at 24 to 28 Weeks
77.Before giving blood transfusion a nurse must be aware that Packed RBC’s can be stored up to 35 Days
78.Hyaline membrane disease of an infant is due to deficiency of surfactant and the source of pulmonary surfactant isPneumonocytes Type 2
79.Early sign of hemorrhagic shock Increased Pulse
80.The physician wants central venous catheterization. A nurse has to know which vein he should make use ofSubclavian Vein
81.Islets of Langerhans are concentrated in which portion of PancreasTail
82.Hyperfunctioning of  Anterior pituitary in pre-pubertal children causesGigantism
83.Each suction should not be any longer than5 -10 Seconds
84.Nurse must be aware that eating Maize alone may leads toPellagra
85.The spleen lies against9th, 10th, and 11th Ribs
86.Pulse Polio Immunization was introduced in1995 
87.The Maternal death rate is expressed death per100,000 live births
88.Nurse divulges private information about the patient to media is considered asAn intentional tort:
89.Pus in urine calledPyuria
90.nursing diagnosis is most appropriate for a patient with chronic venous insufficiencySkin Integrity, Impaired
91. Aspermia is the term used to describeAbsence of Semen
92. Glycated haemoglobin (HbAlc) test, mean glucose levelsOver 90 Days
93.Fluid overload in a patient may causePulmonary Edema
94. The purpose of lymph nodes is to trapAntigens
95.Cytokines are chemical messengers, whichPromote Inflammation
96.While recording Intake Output nurse has to consider Insensible water loss from the human body and the normal is800 ml
97.A Lethargic patient has a fever, vomiting, headache, and the nurse has to prepare him for which one of the following procedures Lumbar Puncture
98.A nurse working in an ICU must be aware of the ratio of chest compression to ventilation in CPR procedure is15:2
99.H2 blocker of choice, in liver disease, is Nizatidine
100.The feeling of internal organs by the hands is calledPalpation


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