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Norcet Previous Year One Liner

AIIMS Norcet Previous Year Question Papers

Previous Year Question Papers are the essential sources of study material for every nursing competitive exam student. With these important AIIMS NORCET repeated questions, nursing aspirant get an idea about the NORCET examination pattern, important topics in every nursing specialization as well as the type of questions they need to prepare. Each nursing competitive exam has a different exam pattern and marking scheme, therefore, it can get confusing for the nursing students sometimes.

At NURSING STUDY MATERIAL. COM, we have provided the memory based last year's NORCET questions with answers in one liner form. Students can easily download free AIIMS NORCET practice question papers assignment and start the preparation now. The AIIMS NORCET previous year question papers with answer key will help them to understand the exam pattern and even it helps you to mark out your weak area.

1. Most accurate, inexpensive, noninvasive test for helicobacter pylori is — Urea Breath Test
2. Color coding for Nitrous oxide cylinder is —Nitrous oxide
3. The application in which force to the another person without lawful justification is called —Battery
4. Application of force to another person without lawful justification is — Friction
5. A patient with albuminuria develops edema because of — Fall in plasma colloid oncotic pressure
6. The most important vitamin which help in wound healing — Vitamin C
7. The clinical findings is expected in a patient who has undergone gastric lavage and prolonged vomiting — Increased serum bicarbonate level
8. The priority nursing intervention for a patient during the immediate post—operative period — Maintaining a patent airway
9. The maximum duration of time the nurse allows an IV bag of solution to infuse in to a patient —24hours
10. An indication for administering serum albumin is — to maintain oncotic pressure
11. Lactated Ringer’s solution is contraindicated in —Lactic acidosis
12. Skin breaks, abrasion, blister, or shallow crater, edema, and infection are characteristics of — Stage II pressure ulcer
13. The concept of “the greatest good for the greatest number” is based on — Utilitarianism theory
14. Ethical principles refers to the duty not to harm is known as — Non-maleficence
15. Alarm, resistance, and exhaustion are concepts related to — General Adaptation Syndrome
16. A tendency to view one’s own way of life as the most desirable, acceptable, or best and to act in a superior manner toward another culture is — Ethnocentrism
17. Comprehensive, individualized care provided by the same nurse throughout the period of care refers to —Primary Health Nursing
18. Normal respiratory rhythm and depth in a client is known as — Eupnea
19. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, the highest level is — Self-actualization
20. "Nursing is the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to health and illness”. this definition was given by — American Nurses Association (ANA), 1995
21. "The goal of nursing is to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him”. This was stated by — Florence Nightingale
22. The high-pitched musical sound in clients during a respiratory assessment —Wheezing
23. When recording blood pressure, the sounds which can be heard with a stethoscope placed over the artery is termed as — Korotkoff sounds
24. The nursing interventions would be most important for determining fluid balance in a client with end-stage renal failure —Weight Daily
25. "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well—being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”. This was stated by —World Health Organization
26. Haematopoiesis in adults occur at — Red bone marrow
27. The main muscle of inspiration is — Diaphragm
28. Bartholin's gland is present in — Vagina
29. "Universal Donor" belongs to this blood group — O positive
30. The average blood loss in a normal menstrual cycle is — 50-100ml
31. The hormone that stimulates release of bile into duodenum is —Cholecystokinin
32. During pregnancy and lactation recommended dietary intake of calcium is — 1200mg/dl
33. Amino acid methionine is deficient in — Pulses Protein
34. Mud, grits, soapstone bits are common adulterants of—Cereals
35. Purple blue tinge of the cervix is —Chadwick’s Sign
36. Greenish discolouration of the amniotic fluid — Meconism
37. The safest position for a woman in labor with prolapse cord is — Trendelenburg
38. During +2 station, position of foetal head is — Below ischeal spine
39. Commonest complication of IUD insertion is —Bleeding
40. Total number of antenatal visits by a pregnant lady should be at least —3 visits
41. Primary feature of cervical cancer includes —Irregular menstruation
42. Management of partial placenta praevia includes —Complete rest
43. the commonest cause of PPH — Atonicity of uterus
44. Golden colour of ammiotic fluid is seen in —Rh incompatibility
45. Booster does of DPT is given at — 16-24 months
46. Mid—day meal programme is also known as —School-lunch programme
47. Theory of cognitive development was proposed by —Jean Piaget
48. Psycho-analytical theory of personality development was introduced by —Sigmund freud
49. The word personality is derived from the Greek word for persona which means — Mask
50. Trial and error theory of learning was given by —Thorndike
51. World's first psychology library was established by —Wilhelm Wundt
52. An alteration in genetic material is termed as —Mutation
53. A unit of inheritance found on chromosomes is termed as —Gene
54. The growth and multiplication of microorganisms is known as —Culture
55. A chemical that used to kill bacteria is known as —Bacteriocidal
56. Paul-Bunnel test is used to diagnosis —Infectious Mononucleosis
57. Schick test is done for the diagnosis of —Diptheria
58. Kahn's test is done for diagnosis for —Syphilis
59. WIDAL test for typhoid fever is a type of —Direct Agglutination test
60. Horrock's apparatus is used to estimate —Chlorine demand of water
61. In India the most common cause of IMR is —LBW(LOW BIRTH WEIGHT)
62. The commonest complication of mumps in adults —Orchitis
63. During hemodialysis which of the following drug is used to prevent blood clotting —Heparin
64. the treatment of organophosphorus Poisoning —Atropine
65. drugs should be given first in a patient of acute myocardial infarction —Aspirin
66. Administration of readymade antibody creates —Passive acquired immunity
67. Polio is the mainly infection of —Alimentary tract
68. Treatment therapy which is used for T.B. —DOTs
69. On which day international AIDS day is celebrated every year —1 December
70. Infant mortality rate is expressed in terms of —Rate per 1000 live birth
71. polio is the most sensitive to heat, requiring storage at —20 degree C
72. Maternal mortality rate is expressed in terms of — Per 100,000
73. Red cross society was founded by —Henry Dunant
74. The classical substances that increasing the sensitivity of pain receptors by enhancing the pain—provoking effect of bradykinin is —Prostaglandins
75. Priority nursing diagnosis in a patient with pneumonia will be —Impaired gas exchange
76. A patient who is experiencing dyspnoea should be placed in —Orthopneic position
77. The most reliable way to assess the respiratory status of a patient is —Listen and feel air movement
78. Most common clinical feature of pleurisy is —Sharp stabbing pain when breathing
79. After menopause, a woman becomes more prone to development of osteoporosis because — Fall in oestrogen level
80. Causative organism of chancroid is —Haemophilus ducreyi
81. During Gram's staining process dilute carbol fuchsin is used for —Counter staining
82. Klebs loeffler bacillus" is the name of which of the following bacteria —Corynebacterium diphtheria
83. Chemical substance responsible for the transmission of impulses through synapses is called —Neurotransmitter
84. Midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata form —Brain Stem
85. An inflammatory autoimmune disease that affects the connective tissue of heart, joint is called —Rheumatic Fever
86. Typical sign of hydrocephalus —Sunsetting Eyes
87. Inability of the heart to pump blood to meet the metabolic needs of body is called —Congestive cardiac failure.
88. Trisomy 21 is known as —Down’s syndrome
89. Collection of blood in the thoracic cavity is called —Haemothorax.
90. 'GOBI' compaign is being promoted by —UNICEF
91. Most commonly used teaching method is —Lecture method
92. The junction through which neurons communicate with one onother is —Synapse
93. McBurney's point is located in which of the following quadrant of abdomen —Right lower quadrant
94. Most frequently fractured carpal bone is —Scaphoid
95. Blood groups were first discovered by —Karl landsteiner
96. The rate of drug absorption is greatest in the —Small intestine
97. The 'P' wave on the electrocardiogram corresponds to —Atrial depolarization
98. Cell division without reduction of chromosome is the condition of —Mitosis
99. Burning feet syndrome occurs due to deficiency of —Pantothenic acid
100. Vitamin was discovered first time by —Hunk

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