nursing competitive exam questions and answers pdf

Staff Nurse Ques. and Ans. PDF

Nursing Competitive Exam Questions and Answers PDF

Nursing Previous Year Question Papers have been one of the most crucial materials to understand the nature of the Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer Exam as it provides consistent insights into the kind of MCQ asked and nursing subject-wise weight age. Nursing Candidates could create a real exam-like environment by practicing Nursing Previous Year Papers. The commission releases the UPSC Question Paper PDF on its official website after the completion of the recruitment process. Nursing Candidates who want to level up their preparation must focus on solving nursing competitive exam questions and answers PDF of the last 10 years.

Below we have provided previous year nursing competitive exam questions and answers PDF for the preparation of NORCET, ESIC, RRB, MNS, CRPF and JKSSB exam. Attempting these nursing question papers will not only strengthen the preparation but also boost the confidence of the nursing aspirants. Moreover, candidates will get the blue print of the type of questions asked and also understand the distribution and weight age of each section.

1. Large amount of bleeding before 28 weeks of gestation. —Thretened abortion
2. Pain originating from organ is called as —Visceral Pain
3. Most common tumor in new born — Medulloblastoma
4. Reflex that is not present at birth. —Parachute reflex
5. Large amount of RBC in drainage —Sanguineous
6. Stranger anxiety develops in child at —6 month
7. Neurotransmitter disturbance in alzheimer’s disease —cetylcholine
8. Boxing muscle —Serratus muscle
9. HCG is secreted by —Syncytotropoblast
10. During epistaxis avoid —Sneezing
11. Physiological jaundice occur —After 24 hours of life
12. aPTT increase in —Hemophilia
13. Respiratory reflex is stimulated by —High CO2
14. Profound deafness. —80 db
15. Common symptom in alcohol withdrawl —Tremor
16. Weber test is used for —both conductive and sensoneural hearing
17. Position in dyspnea —Fowlers position
18. Korsakoff syndrome occur due to deficiency of —Thiamine
19. Iron is not present in —Milk
20. Length of new born —19-21 inches
21. Kegal exercises is done for —Strengthen bladder muscle
22. Oxytocin is secreted by —Posterier pituitary
23. Sign of placental separation except —Shortening of cord
24. Which is not sign of labor —No show
25. Visual analoge scale —For pain
26. All investigation done in sepsis except —Electrolyte imbalance
27. Sign of appendicitis —Rebound tenderness
28. Urea breath test done for —H pylori
29. Inflammation of gums —Peridonitis
30. Winging of scapula occur due to —Long thoraci nerve of bell
31. Pavlon theory is for —classical conditioning
32. BCG vaccine is diluted in —Normal saline
33. Surgical intervention comes under —Secondary prevention
34. Major Jone’s criteria are all except —Fever
35. Common type of episiotomy —Mediolateral
36. Major problem which affect growth and development except —Common cold
37. Which immunoglobin can cross placenta barrier —IGG
38. Highest number of islet of langerhans of pancreas at —Tail
39. Dilusion is disorder of —Thought
40. Fever is condition in which temperature is — >37oC
41. Absence of sperm in semen —Azoospermia
42. Partograph include all except —Pulse rate
43. Test for diphtheria —Shick test
44. ORS should be used within —24 hour
45. Autoclave temperature and time —121oC – 15min
46. Cellular immunity is provided by —T-cell
47. Emototoxin is produced by gram –ve bacteria —Protein
48. Perception without any stimulus is —Hallucination
49. Test for organic mental disorder —Bender Gestalt test
50. Purpose of palliative care —Reduce intensity of illness
51. All cause constipation except —Laxative use
52. Peripheral resistance occur due to —Contracitility of vein
53. State of physical and mental well being not mexly absence of infermity —Health
54. Relationship of fetal head to limbs —Attitude
55. Biological risk factor for family except —Air pollution
56. Natural contraceptive method except —Air pollution
57. Natural contraceptive method except —Diaphragm
58. Teaching done by using electronic project —e-teaching
59. Adjustment of living with other living in environment —Adaptation
60. Nursing practice is required by —Ethics
61. Widal test is based on —Agglutination
62. Pressure ulcer occur due to —Shearing Force
63. Visual hallucination occur in injury of —Occiput
64. Period from infection to appearance of 1st sign is —Incubation period
65. Bleeding occur on implantation of zygote at —10-12 days
66. Surgical instrument is sterilized by —Autoclave
67. Perineal injury after fall with anal involvement —3o
68. Test done for occult blood —Guaiac test
69. HCl is secreted by —Parital cell of stomach
70. Exercises done with resistance —Isokinetic
71. Giving patient opportunity whether to take treatment or not —Autonomy
72. Bluish discoloration of vaginal membrane —Jacquimer sign
73. Severe dehydration is characterize by all except —Altered sensory system
74. Sign of pre-eclampcia except —Vomiting
75. Medial geniculate bodies are part of —Visual pathway
76. Billirubin conjugate with —Glucoronic Acid

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