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Nursing Important Points
1. The ideal temperature and pressure used for autoclaving —121 Celsius at 15 PSI
2. A system model that focus on the responses of the client system to actual or potential environmental — Betty Neumann
3. nurse—patient relationship concepts like orientation, identification, exploitation and resolution — Hildegard Paplau
4. Arterial blood gas result with pH 7.3 and PCO2 is 46mm Hg denotes — Respiratory acidosis
5. The hormone ADH works in which area of kidney — Distal Convuluted and Collecting duct
6. Post ovulation is also known as — The luteal phase
7. The white area of the nail is called — Lunula
8. The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system are the part of —ANS (Autonomic Nervous System)
9. Child sits with the support at the age of — 4 to 6 months
10. A couple and their dependent children living together under the same roof is called — Nuclear Family
11. Systematic study of human society — Sociology
12. Mouth care to unconscious patient should be given when patient is in — Side lying position
13. An agent that inhibits the growth of microorganism is — Disinfectant
14. Angle of insertion of needle for subcutaneous injection should be — 45 degree
15. A substance used to counteract the effect of poison is — Antidote
16. The trained nurses’ association was established in — 1908
17. Ideal teaching method for exploring the issues involved in social situation or challenges in human relation — Role Play
18. The immunoglobilin responsible for primary immunity — IgM
19. Largest organella of the cell is — Nucleus
20. The main product of protein metabolism is — Urea
21. Concentration of oxygen in expired air is about — 16%
22. the most abundant cation in extracellular fluid — Na+
23. Total number of intercostal muscles are — 11 Pairs
24. Total number of muscles in human bady are — 639
25. Total number of vertebarae in human are — 33
26. Eating behavior is controlled by — Hypothalamus
27. The number of thoracic vertebae in human being is — 12
28. Transformation of one type of cell into another type is called — Metaplasia
29. Surgically creating an opening into an organ or space in the body by a sharp instrument is known as — Incision
30. Plaster of paris is made up of — Calcium Sulphate
31. The most frequently occuring type of brain tumor is — Glioma
32. Main clinical symtom of hiatal hernia is — Heartburn
33. Most common complication of chronic asthma is — Emphysema
34. Examination of a Pt. with the help of stethoscope is termed as — Auscultation
35. Oral thrush is a — Fungal Disease
36. In a patient with fracture of long bone,which is the most serious complication — Fat Embolism
37. Absence of identifiable QRS complex in ECG give indication of — Ventricular Fibrilation
38. Sharp stabbing pain occur when breathing is the clinical feature of — Pleurisy
39. most common site of liver abscess — Right lobe of liver
40. Dengue fever is also known as — Break Bone Fever
41. In AIDS patient, pneumonia occur due to — Pneumocystis
42. Most common causes of meningitis in age-group 2 years to 20 years — Neisseria meningococci
43. Commonest cause of blindness in India is — Cataract
44. complication associated with tracheotomy tube — Damage to the laryngeal neve
45. the normal respiration rate in a newborn is — 30-60 breath/minute
46. the cause of esophageal varices — Portal Hypertension
47. Repeated vomiting can produce the following biochemical abnormality — Metabolic Alkalosis
48. During blood transfusion, if hemolytic reaction occur, the first nursing action will be — To stop the transfusion
49. A serious and dangerous side effect of penicillin is — Anaphylaxis
50. The nurse should administer a nasogastric tube feeding slowly to reduce the hazard of — Regurgitation
51. The most serious complication associated with chronic inflammatory bowel diease is — Perforation
52. The major post transfusion viral hepatitis is — Hepatitis C
53. The serious complication of portal hypertension — Chronic bleeding ,abdominal swelling and liver failure
54. The nurse administers neomycin to a patient with hepatic cirrhosis to prevent the formation of — Ammonia
55. Psoriasis is an inflammatory disorder of — Skin
56. The classic sign of hepatic coma is — Flapping hand tremors
57. An injury the nurse should assess for fat embolism with in — 1st 24 hours
58. A nursing intervention in thrombophlebitis would be contraindicated — Massage the leg
59. Platelet count decrease in — Dengue
60. Addison's disease is caused by infsufficiency of hormone — Corticosteroid Hormone
61. Eye padding is applied on unconscious patient to prevent — Corneal Ulcer
62. Lumbar Puncture (LP) is done at the site of — L3 - L4
63. During hemodialysis, which of the following drug is used to prevent blood clotting — Heparin
64. Rise water stool" is a typical finding in cases of — Cholera
65. Mask like facies' is a typical feature of — Parkinson Disease
66. "Tetany" can be produced by which or the following electrolyte disturbance — Hypocalcemia
67. Paralysis of one side of the body is known as — Hemiplegia
68. The earliest sign of the post operative shock is monitored by nurse by observing the — Pulse Rate
69. Assessment of a unconscious patient is done by — Glasgow Coma Sclae
70. Commonest cause of liver cirrhosis is — Alcohol
71. Concenteation of xylocaine which is used for spinal anaesthesia is — 5%
72. In head injury, mannitol is given to— decrease — ICP
73. Main complication of appendicitis is — Perforation
74. The instrument used for measuring blood pressure is know as — Sphygmomanometer
75. Paralysis of both lower limps is called— Paraplegia
76. The benign tumor of blood vessel is called — Hemangioma
77. A mysthenia gravis patient's early symptom is — Ptosis
78. Rapid infusion of insulin cause — Hypokalemia
79. The most common cause of coronary artery disease — Artheriosclerosis
80. Inability to speak or understand the spoken words in called is — Agnosia
81. complication of splenectomy —Pancreatitis
82. Fever, headache and nuchal rigidity are classic symproms seen in —
83. Fractures of the distal radius is called — Colles, Fracture
84. Removal of appendix is called —Appendicectomy.
85. Inflammation of tonsils is called —Tonsilitis.
86. Dumping syndrome is a complication of — Subtotal Gastrectomy
87. Normal value of PaCO2 is — 35-45 mmHg.
88. Site of transmission of message from one neurone to another is called —Synapse.
89. Acute pancreatitis is manifesteb by elevated — Serum Amylase
90. Intraocular pressure is measered with a instrument called — Tonometer
91. Shock which is resulting from severe allergic reaction is — Anaphylactic Shock
92. Part of stomach is removed and remaining portion is anastomosed to duodenum —Gastroduodenostomy
93. Amount of amniotic fluid more than 2000 ml is termed as — 'Polyhydramnios'
94. The power house of cell —Mitahondeia.
95. Inflammatory process of CNS producing altered function of various portion of brain is —Encephalitis.
96. Typical sign of hydrocephalus —Sunsetting.
97. Paralysis which causes arm to lie on the side with extension of elbow, flexion of wrist (waiter’s tip) is —Erb’s Palsy.
98. Sodium Chloride (NaCl) 3.6 g, Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) 2.5 g, potassium chloride (KCl) 1.5 g, glucose 20 g, water 100 ml — Components of ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution).
99. Trisomy 21 is known as — Down’s syndrome.
100. The most complicated type of spinal bifida is — Meningomyelocele.


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